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Integrity Awards Winners

Uzalendo Integrity Award

Integrity Award for Acts of Integrity that demonstrate patriotism and courage by ordinary citizens with the possibility of mobilizing citizen action and emulation to bring about positive change. Recognizing individuals who made significant contribution to upholding integrity, through their pursuit for the adherence to the rule of law, protection of human rights and advocating of good governance.

Name Act/s of Integrity Individual Significant Contribution
Mr. Okiya Omtatah Okoiti Protection of the Constitution- Okiya Omtatah Okoiti v Attorney General & another [2018] eKLR - Successfully challenged Constitutionality Section 17(1)(a) and (b) of the National Cohesion and Integrations Act No. 12 of 2008 and the procedure for nominating commissioners of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission by the National Assembly under the First Schedule to the Act is unconstitutional and therefore, invalid, null and void. Application of Article 10 in Public Procurement - Okiya Omtatah v Central Bank of Kenya & 7 others [2018] eKLR- Successfully challenged Central Bank of Kenya's awarding of currency printing tender to De La Rue International Limited. He pleaded that there was lack of transparency in the manner the tender was conducted. The CBK failed to give all tenderers an open and transparent opportunity at winning the tender, thus compromising the integrity, fairness, transparency and accountability of the process in violation of the objectives enumerated in section 2 of the repealed 2005 Act, and the principles on the procurement of public goods and services enshrined in Article 227 (1) of the Constitution. Petition 256 of 2013 - Petitioned the Courts for a declaration that the Police have a duty to set up and operate an efficient and effective a toll-free emergency response number. The Court in this case lauded Omtatah for his role in ensuring that the National Police Service maintain and operate a toll-free emergency number. Being the Petitioner, researcher and legal representative;

Whistleblower Integrity Award

Integrity Award for Acts of Integrity to expose and demand action on corruption resulting from scandals which rob our collective gains as a nation. Recognizing individuals who made a significant contribution towards exposing and demanding action where there has been evidence of corruption with possibility of conviction or ongoing investigations. Individuals recognized as Whistleblowers must have put their lives at risk to ensure exposure and demanding action on corruption.

Name Act/s of Integrity. Individual Significant Contribution
Mara-Heist Whistleblowers
  • Mr. Spencer Sankale
  • CPA Wilberforce Kipruto Serem
  • Mr. Stanley Shina Yiaile
  • Dr. Anthony L. Yiaile
The Maasai Mara University corruption scandal showed how top officials including its vice-chancellor pocketed money unlawfully. For a long time, universities have not been subjected to auditing. Estimated loss of public funds at Kshs. 190 million. Made recordings and participated in an expose' of the Mara-heist done by Citizen TV.

Leadership Integrity Award

Integrity Award for Acts of exemplary leadership in recognition of responsibilities and conduct of leaders as espoused under Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya. Recognizing individuals who have shown exemplary leadership and standing in the society having not been in circumstances that would bring to question their being a recognized for the particular action.

Name Act/s of Integrity. Individual Significant Contribution
Community Leadership
  • Renny Mwema Mackenzie
For Acts of Integrity demonstrating exemplary Community Leadership for leading social audit teams in Kwale County and petitioning the County Government and Assembly on the County Budget process. Also led commuters in Kwale County in demonstrations against exploitation by matatu operators. Preparation and submission of Petitions and Memoranda pointing out illegalities/irregularities in the budget estimates for the Financial Year 2018/2019.
Public/State Officer Leadership
  • Mr. Edward Ouko
For initiating the ambitious Citizen Accountability Audit Programme, which seeks to put citizens at the heart of Audit Accountability in Kenya. Exemplary leadership of the Office of the Auditor General leading to exposing instances of wastage of public funds and courageously pointing out discrepancies in utilization of public funds.

Transparency Integrity Award

Integrity Award for Acts of Integrity inspired by TI-Kenya's work. TI-Kenya works with many stakeholders to promote transparency and accountability through various avenues including civic engagement, oversight and movement building. Recognizing individuals who out of their interaction with TI-Kenya's programmes have made significant contribution within their communities to promote Integrity.

Name Act/s of Integrity. Individual Significant Contribution
Jermaine Kashi Mandah Being part of forming a task force and leading the team to reconcile CSOs in Kwale to have a consensus which saw the Principal Secretary order a re-election of a CSO representative to the Community Development Agreement (CDA) (Msambweni) Committee. The committees would oversee the utilization of the CDA funds set aside for the development of the Kwale since the mining companies are not legally bound to CSR but the CDA. Championed and demonstrated leadership in the formation of Kwale Mining Alliance that brings together the mining community, CSOs (working on mining), investor, national and county governments and other stakeholders. He is currently the Coordinator of Kwale Mining Alliance.
Anthony Njenga Maina For over 8 years Mr. Antony Njenga has been a dedicated volunteer of Transparency International Kenya under the Advocacy and Legal Advisory Center in Nairobi, the Nairobi Good Governance Coalition and an advocate of the Action for Transparency (A4T) programme. Mr. Njenga is a Paralegal, Trainer and Community Social auditor and has been involved in improving Education and Health services in Nairobi County as a Trainer for Boards of Management and serving as a Board Member of Public Primary and Secondary Schools He has independently called to attention issues of accountability within his leadership roles. He is a Community leader working in the area of social justice and has trained the Youth groups, women groups, men, business owners in Ruai on their rights and responsibilities as citizens. He is a great role model within his networks where he leads several initiatives including Alternative Dispute Resolution his area. He has had long and dedicated service as a community leader, volunteer, a facilitator, social auditor, community mobilizer and trainer at different forums, within and outside Nairobi County. He is Kamulu Location Nyumba Kumi Coordinator and Secretary of Ruai Ward Peace Committee among others.

Judicial Integrity Award

Integrity Award recognizing progressive interpretation and application of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya and other provisions on National Values and Principles of Governance by the Judiciary. Recognizing individual judges who have made significant contribution towards promoting the progressive interpretation of the Constitution to breathe life to provisions on National Values and Principles of Leadership and Integrity.

Name Act/s of Integrity. Individual Significant Contribution
Justice Mumbi Ngugi Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal v Director of Public Prosecutions [2019] eKLR The applicant in this case is the Governor of Samburu County. He has been charged with various offences in ACC No. 3 of 2019: R vs. Moses Lenolkulal and 13 others. The applicant was aggrieved by a ruling barring him from accessing the Samburu County Government Offices without the prior written authorization from the CEO of the Investigative Agency (EACC). Observed that "...the provisions of section 62(6) of ACECA, apart from obfuscating, indeed helping to obliterate the 'political hygiene' that Mr. Nyamodi spoke of, are contrary to the constitutional requirements of integrity in governance, are against the national values and principles of governance and the principles of leadership and integrity in Chapter Six, and undermine the prosecution of officers in the position of the applicant in this case. In so doing, they entrench corruption and impunity in the land.