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Integrity Champion Nomination

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 is imbedded with provisions seeking to entrench Integrity as a way of governance in Kenya's public sector and private interactions. These provisions range from a recognition under the Preamble, "...for a government based on the essential values of human rights, equality, freedom, democracy, social justice and the rule of law." The Constitution goes further to make provisions on the National values and principles of governance under Article 10 and more explicitly Chapter Six on Leadership and Integrity. These values and principles that promote the entrenchment of Integrity are rooted in the entire Constitution under the Bill of Rights, Land and Environment, Representation of the People, Devolved Government, Public Finance and Public Service provisions. To promote the continued application and implementation of Integrity as envisaged under the Constitution, Transparency International Kenya (TI-Kenya) seeks to award Acts of Integrity and recognize People who made a significant contribution towards realizing these actions. The Integrity Award consists of an Award Certificate/Trophy and participation in a public award ceremony during the celebrations of International Anti-Corruption Day to take place on the 9th of December 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya. TI-Kenya's has thus developed categories based the organization's work as areas of recognizing actions and individuals making significant contributions on realizing Kenya's aspirations on Integrity as follows:

Category Description Nominating Entity
Uzalendo Integrity Award

Integrity Award for Acts of Integrity that demonstrate patriotism and courage by ordinary citizens with the possibility of mobilizing citizen action and emulation to bring about positive change.

Recognizing individuals who made significant contribution to upholding integrity, through their pursuit for the adherence to the rule of law, protection of human rights and advocating of good governance.

Public Nominations
Whistleblower Integrity Award

Integrity Award for Acts of Integrity to expose and demand action on corruption resulting from scandals which rob our collective gains as a nation.

Recognizing individuals who made a significant contribution towards exposing and demanding action where there has been evidence of corruption with possibility of conviction or ongoing investigations. Individuals recognized as Whistleblowers must have put their lives at risk to ensure exposure and demanding action on corruption.

Public Nominations
Leadership Integrity Award

Integrity Award for Acts of exemplary leadership in recognition of responsibilities and conduct of leaders as espoused under Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya.

Recognizing individuals who have shown exemplary leadership and standing in the society having not been in circumstances that would bring to question their being a recognized for the particular action.

Public Nominations
Transparency Integrity Award

Integrity Award for Acts of Integrity inspired by TI-Kenya's work. TI-Kenya works with many stakeholders to promote transparency and accountability through various avenues including civic engagement, oversight and movement building.

Recognizing individuals who out of their interaction with TI-Kenya’s programmes have made significant contribution within their communities to promote Integrity.

Judging Panel Nominations
Judicial Integrity Award

Integrity Award recognizing progressive interpretation and application of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya and other provisions on National Values and Principles of Governance by the Judiciary.

Recognizing individual judges who have made significant contribution towards promoting the progressive interpretation of the Constitution to breathe life to provisions on National Values and Principles of Leadership and Integrity.

Judging Panel Nominations